Collaborating researchers

The value added by collaborative working between researchers and the supply chain has been highlighted across many areas of the website.

The Waitrose Supply Chain benefits from collaboration with prominent researchers in their respective fields both in the UK and beyond. Some of this research has already been highly influential in changing agricultural practice for the better, while other collaborating groups work in areas which may be more effectively described in non-food terms, e.g. ecology or engineering. In these and other areas we are profiting from the innovative exploitation of new thinking and technologies previously unavailable to the food supply chain.

New research collaborators are always welcome!

Lancaster University

Lancaster University houses a community of world-class environmental researchers, students, government scientists and businesses working to address today’s biggest environmental challenges.

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University of Reading

The University of Reading undertakes research focussing on real-world issues affecting society both in the present and in the future.

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University of Warwick

The University of Warwick provides world-class science expertise and specialist facilities for research on fresh produce.

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University of East Anglia

For 50 years, UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences has been at the forefront of crucial environmental research that will shape the future of our world.

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The National Institute of Agricultural Botany is a pioneering plant science organisation based at the heart of the Cambridge science, technology and university communities and a thriving UK agricultural industry.

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Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research work with Waitrose and the Waitrose Agronomy group to explore ways of increasing crop yields by improving levels of organic matter in the soil.

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University of Worcester

The University of Worcester is the fastest growing University in the UK, with student applications rising seven times faster than the national average.

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East Malling Research

East Malling Research is a major organisation in the UK for research on horticultural crops and plants and their interactions with the environment. EMR research on perennial fruit crops is known internationally.

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