Fortunate enough to grow up in rural surroundings, I undertook regular adventures into the countryside, which created my passion and intrigue for the environment. Mainly, I am fascinated by our interactions with the environment and the dependencies we place upon natural systems, particularly relevant in the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors.

Following this path, I chose to study a Bachelors in Human and Physical Geography which allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of our relationship with the natural environment. My final research topic delved into the role of food governance and quality assurance within an emerging food network. This insight and continuing interest in overarching governance led to completion of a Masters in Law, researching Environmental Law, Commercial and Residential Land Law and Intellectual Property Law.

After working in the corporate legal field, I was drawn back to research. Having experienced the inner working and challenges of running a farm, I am currently involved in developing a suite of on-farm soil health indicators that will inform on land management decisions and help to increase crop yield and quality.