2017 Projects:

  1. Adding evidence to decision making regarding cover and catch crops
    Supervisors: Ian Shield (Rothamsted Research), Harry Wilder (Barfoots), Carly Stevens (Lancaster University)
  2. Bespoke field margins for delivering multiple benefits to fresh produce
    Supervisors: Jon Storkey (Rothamsted Research), Stephen Shields (Huntapac), Simon Potts (University of Reading)
  3. Developing soil health indicators to inform land management decisions, increase crop yield and quality and reduce waste
    Supervisors: Tom Sizmur (University of Reading), Emma Garfield (G’s), Andy Whitmore (Rothamsted Research)
  4. Enhancing spring onion yield and quality through an understanding of in-field variation
    Supervisors: Robert Lillywhite (University of Warwick), John Clarkson (University of Warwick), Phil Langley (G’s)
  5. Ensuring safe, high quality subtropical avocado fruit for healthy people
    Supervisors: Carol Wagstaff (University of Reading), Jonathan Berry (Greencell), Michael Shaw (University of Reading), Lynn Dicks(University of East Anglia)
  6. Integrated control of Sclerotinia disease in celery and lettuce
    Supervisors: John Clarkson (University of Warwick), Emma Garfield (G’s)
  7. Using landscape genomics to improve management of insect pest species
    Supervisors: James Bell (Rothamsted Research), Ramiro Morales-Hojas (Rothamsted Research), Rosemary Collier (University of Warwick), Graham Teakle (University of Warwick), Claire Donovan (G’s)
  8. Sensor-based biospectroscopy-based approaches for reducing waste in the food chain
    Supervisors: Martin McAinsh (Lancaster University), Frank Martin (University of Central Lancashire), Veryan Bliss (Suncrop Produce Ltd)
  9. When the chips are down: Exploiting genetic diversity in root phenotypes to overcome soil constraints to potato yields
    Supervisors: Ian Dodd (Lancaster University), Richard Whalley (Rothamsted Research), David Nelson (Branston Ltd)