Waitrose Farm Assessment Report (version 1) now available

The Waitrose Farm Assessment (WFA) is an initiative which was conceived by the Agronomy Group in 2011. Over the past year all of our fresh produce suppliers and growers have completed the assessments which cover the key issues of safety, sustainability and quality. The final report from the first version of the assessment is now available to download.  To view the document click on the image below.



Food waste: ‘Six meals a week’ thrown away by Britons

British families throw away an average of the equivalent of six meals per week in food waste, research has suggested. Publicly-funded recycling group the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) said this would amount to £60 a month for a household.


WRAP said buying too much, serving large portions and confusion over food labelling were the main causes.


To read the full report please visit the BBC News website.

Waitrose Technical Conference and Waitrose Farm Assesment Report Launch

WFA Report launch with attendance from our Academic Partners – Tuesday 12th November 2013 – Evening session from 5pm and Waitrose Technical Conference – Wednesday 13th November 2013 – Arrival from 8.30am


The evening session on Tuesday 12th November will be the official launch of the Waitrose Farm Assessment (version 1) Report (WFA) 2013.

The WFA is an initiative started in 2011 by the Waitrose Agronomy Group allowing suppliers to assess growers against a range of questions covering safety, sustainability and quality.

From the results of the WFA we have gained a clear idea of future challenges. To address these we are working closely with academic partners to identify development opportunities and long term solutions.

We are very grateful that a large number of our academic partners are able to attend the launch of the WFA Report evening to promote the collaboration between Retailers, Suppliers, Growers and Academics. We hope the evening provides a good opportunity for you all to discuss existing and future development opportunities.


Concentrations of warming gases break record

The levels of gases in the atmosphere that drive global warming increased to a record high in 2012.


According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), atmospheric CO2 grew more rapidly last year than its average rise over the past decade.


Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide also broke previous records. Thanks to carbon dioxide and these other gases, the WMO says the warming effect on our climate has increased by almost a third since 1990.


The WMO’s annual greenhouse gas bulletin measures concentrations in the atmosphere, not emissions on the ground.



Aberystwyth University unveils £35m agri-research plan

Aberystwyth University has unveiled ambitious plans to redevelop its agriculture research facilities into a £35m innovation centre. Its Gogerddan campus outside of the town is to become the Aberystwyth Innovation and Diffusion Campus (Aidc).

A £14.5m grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) includes £2.5m for research into improving upland farming. The money is part of UK government science plans to boost food security.