SuncropProduce Ltd is a family owned business that has been supplyingWaitrose since 1990.

Suncrop Produce Ltd is a family owned business that has been supplying Waitrose since 1990, specialising in the finest quality conventional and organic tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from their leading British and European nurseries, ensuring consistent best quality throughout the year. Working closely with the major seed breeding houses Suncrops Technical, Growing and Quality team assess hundreds of varieties every year to ensure that they are working with the best genetics to provide exceptional flavour and quality.

The predominant challenges faced by the protected cropping industry are energy and water usage, both in terms of cost and sustainability. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business and involves utilising the best production techniques whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

One of our major supply sites is in Cambridgeshire, comprising 7.1Ha of glass supplying speciality tomatoes to Waitrose.At Cambridge we have embraced the local environment by performing an FWAG independent environmental audit focusing on the flora and fauna of the area, planting to benefit bees and pollinators and creating a shallow pond to encourage newts and other water-loving species. We recycle and recirculate the water used on site including additional rainfall capture from the roofs and run-off from the crop. The recirculation of the water contributes significantly to the sustainability of the site and its impact on the surroundings.

Crop Pollination

Bumble bees are used in the Cambridgeshire nursery to pollinate tomato plants. This video shows the benefits of using bumble bees as pollinators, and how they allow the Grower to have control over the way pollination is managed.

Growing for Flavour

The flavour of tomatoes is the key priority for the nursery in Cambridgeshire. This video shows how they select the best variety and conditions to grow the best flavour tomatoes.

Crop and Pest Management

This video shows how integrated pest management is used to produce the healthiest crop with the least disruption to the agro-eco system. Parasitoid wasps are used to control glass house wild fly, which eliminates the need for pesticides.

Spider Mite Control in Tomatoes