Greenyard has been working with Waitrose for almost 20 years, supplying quality seasonal, UK grown flowers and potted bulbs from our farms in Cornwall and Lincolnshire.


We develop long term relationships with our supply base in order to promote sustainable agriculture. For example one of our key projects is to develop disease resistant varieties to reduce spray applications during the growing season.

Supply Chain

At Winchester Growers we grow the majority of the flowers that we pack. Being the grower and packer means that we keep product miles to a minimum, however we also continue to innovate to minimise the impact our operations have on the wider environment. Recently we have been working together with our logistics partners to consolidate loads into central distribution hubs in order to reduce HGV traffic on the roads.

Staff and the wider community

We work with local charities and organisations to actively improve and enhance the community, we also aim to improve social standards for all our staff.