Targeting biodiversity and water conservation.

BerryWorld has been working with Waitrose for the past 19 years to supply soft fruit from the best growers around the world to give Waitrose customers a consistent year-round offer.BerryWorld is a shareholder in a breeding company which breeds new varieties of soft fruit to give a better eating experience for the consumer and a sustainable future for all involved in the supply chain.Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business, this involves assisting our growers worldwide in developing the best production techniques, whilst having a positive impact on the environment. That can be in things like enhancing biodiversity on farms to developing staff to ensure that our business is sustainable.

Hall Hunter Partnership, Berkshire

A large grower for BerryWorld and a significant supplier to Waitrose is Hall Hunter Partnership and they have spent considerable effort in the last 10 years transforming a largely arable farm to a soft fruit farm.David Kay, General Manager Hall Hunter Partnership, gives an introduction to Hall Hunter and Tuesley Farm, he emphasises how important sustainability is to the business.