Welcome to the Waitrose Communications Portal


The new Waitrose Communications Portal for Sustainable Agriculture aims to highlight best-practice within the fresh produce supply chain and more generally allow a heightened level of engagement with the issues contributing to the current concern over future food supplies. In doing this we hope to focus on the means by which good quality, nutritious food can be delivered to the consumer in a sustainable fashion. Raising the profile of food issues and increasing people’s understanding of where food comes from and how it is produced has never been more important than at this time. There are more mouths to feed and the resources to do this are diminishing!



To achieve its aims, the portal highlights the relationships between Waitrose, its suppliers, growers of fresh produce and a range of research providers concerned with the sustainable production and supply of food products.



The key aims of this portal are :

  • Raise the profile of the issues of food security and sustainability.

  • To enhance the communication of ideas, technological developments and enthusiasm between Waitrose, its suppliers, growers of fresh produce and selected research providers and thereby exert a positive impact on the sustainability of the industry

  • Increase the interest of more young people in food issues

  • Drive science into farm performance through increased funding and the development of new knowledge-business partnerships

  • Deliver changes in practice based on the output of the Waitrose Farm Assessment.


Read more about the portal or visit the news page to keep up to date on the latest developments.